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Remote shooting is easy and fun - and you can work from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the World!


All you need is a:

  • Laptop or Computer

  • A decent WiFi or Internet Connection

  • A Mobile Phone (or another suitable device, so we can video call)

You will have full control of my dSLR camera and I listen well to instruction. You will own the copyright to all images which will be sent to you within a few hours after our shoot. You have the option to shoot in JPEG and/or RAW.

If you require more information on the logistics of remote shooting with me, please do send me a message - it really is very easy, but I understand the concept of remote shooting may seem a bit daunting if this is new to you.  


Whilst the UK is in lock down, I have managed to transform my home into a home studio - eventually I'll be securing various interesting locations to shoot from but in the meantime, my home has proven to be an excellent place to shoot.


Equipment Available 

You are welcome to request any of these items for your remote shoot!


I use continuous lighting (since I sometimes like to shoot video) which include; 

1 x LED Ring Light (with adjustable power and colour temperature

2 x LED Panel Lights (with adjustable power, various colour changes for different moods and attachments)

1 x Soft Box

1 x Reflector

Studio Space:

1 x Backdrop Stand

1 x Pop-Up backdrop 1.5m x 2m (5 x 6 ft) Mid Grey/White

2 x Backdrops (more on order)  - Black and Emerald Green 


(Images to follow shortly)

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